The amphitheater is completely open-air and has no roof covering.
Be prepared with suitable clothing and protection against sun, rain, etc.

bald hill amphitheater seating chart

The Bald Hill Amphitheater is a massive facility with plenty of space for thousands of guests at each event. This includes 3000 fixed seating areas spread across multiple levels as well as handicap accessible seating and adjacent companion seating areas. These seats range from a multiple range of pricings depending on location, but all seats are designed to have a crystal clear view of the action with unobstructed sightlines and amazing acoustics.

Beyond this standard seating is a wide lawn space with reported room for 6,500 guests to enjoy the show. So there’s always plenty of room to get in and sit-back while enjoying what Bald Hill Amphitheater has to offer. Seating charts for the Catholic Health Amphitheater only reflect the venue’s general layout. This may change without notice and according to the nature of the event, so check the layout for each show before you book.

Accessible Seating

Accessible seating at the Catholic Health Amphitheater is located in several different areas, including: near the stage at Floor Level, in front of the Premier sections on left and right near the main walkway at Terrace Level, in front of the sound booth on the Lawn, in areas reserved near the middle of the grass. All Accessible seating has access to ramps, restrooms and railings.

GA Pit Tickets

For most concerts here, the GA Pit is the rectangular area closest to the stage. There aren’t usually any seats in this section and spaces are on a first come, first served basis. Some events, such as festivals, may have all the seating removed, while other artists may choose to enlarge the Floor Level seating area. If this happens, the GA Pit area is used for temporary reserved seating.

Floor Level Seating

Floor Level seats are in the six sections behind the general admission Pit, close to the stage. You’ll sit on comfortable stadium-type chairs with backs.

Premium Floor tickets are directly behind the Pit and comprise 23 rows of seats up to Row R.
Orchestra Floor tickets are for seats in Row S and above, behind the Premium seats.

From the Floor Level, looking at the stage you’ll see even numbered seats on the right and odd numbered seats on the left. Lower seat numbers are situated closer to the middle and the highest numbered seats on the outside.

Premium Floor TBD Seating

Sometimes tickets are issued as TBD, before specific seating is allocated. You’ll probably be directed to seats on the left or right of the Premium Floor sections. These seats are usually about 10-15 rows back from the stage. Seating charts for the Catholic Health Amphitheater that show Premium Floor TBD seats are for display purposes only.

Terrace Level Seating

Terrace Level tickets offer a higher elevation by providing riser-style seats. If you sit at the front of the Terrace, you’ll still be quite close to the stage, but you’ll have a much better view. You’ll have to climb a few stairs, but there are only 15 rows in the Terrace Level section.

Tickets for the Front Terrace are either labeled Left, Right or Center, while the Back terrace is divided into Sections A to D. You’ll usually find the cheapest reserved seats in the Back Terrace sections. While they’re furthest from the stage, you also get the highest elevation and the best sight-lines.

Lawn Seats

Lawn seats are located behind the terrace on a sloped grassy area that climbs the sides of the concert bowl. The lawn section is very large and holds 4,000 people with general admission tickets. It’s best to arrive early as it fills up quickly, but views are good all round.

You’ll find food and beverage concessions close to the lawn area. Options include hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas, ice cream and beer.

Catholic Health Amphitheater Best Seats

You’ll see that there are aisles between seats numbered 23 and 25, 24 and 26, 47 and 49, and 48 and 50. To get the best view, with clear sight-lines, choose seats numbered 48 and lower. The Floor Level is flat, so sitting near an aisle will let you see round those in front of you.

The best seats to give you heads-on views of the stage are situated directly across from it. You’ll find them in the Terrace level, in sections B, C, ADA Left and ADA Right. Once you get onto the lawn, it slopes upwards and allows all concert-goers a tiered view – from a greater distance

Grab your tickets today and reserve your desired seats! View the Bald Hill Amphitheater schedule to see all the upcoming events.

To read more about the ticket and refund policies, check out the ticket information page.

The Catholic Health Amphitheater at Bald Hill offers a wide range of entertainment. The venue has earned its reputation and the fans it has gained are some of the most enthusiastic music fans in the world. And with the fully packed event schedule the venue has every year, more fans are sure to follow.